Help Desk Services

NST Provides the Outsourcing of our Help Desk Engineers.

If you're looking to have some on-call professional help at your office, we can have engineers ready to assist you at any time. At NST we'll take care of your office needs such as computers, servers, software, phone systems, printers, facsimiles, presentation technology, company cell phones, and more. We offer great service contracts that are very customizable to fit your needs at a great, affordable price.

NST Customer Support

Remote Support:

Call us up and we'll have an engineer control your computer at your request to receive instant assistance.  With today's desktop-sharing technology, our support can reach you within minutes. 

NST On Site Support

On Site Support:

If you need help in the office with almost any type of technology we'll come over and support you in person.

NST Proactive Servicing

Proactive Servicing:

Our engineers will take care of your servers, equipment and computers with our excellent preventive maintenance standards of operation.  We have the skills to test and optimize your office to help prevent issues before they can arise.

We provide services proactively, schedule and maintain backups of your important data, and provide planning and consulting on new features to prevent disasters. You'll be satisfied knowing that your data and technology can be covered under our excellent support package.

At NST we will inherit your pc's software, whether they are currently under warranty or not, and you can rest assured that we'll provide every avenue to help make your business run as smoothly as possible.



I've been using NST services for 8 months now. Great service, great support, great price! No unsolvable problems. What else do we need?

-Janice Jones, Senior Editor at FrogFlicks

We've been with NST since the begining, and from the first moment, we knew we liked them. The support works great, their knowledge is amazing (great speed as well). NST are a caring company and we will continue our relationship with them for a long time. 100% recommended.

-Alexander K, CEO

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Dell Registered Partner
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Recent Comments

Don't struggle with your computer and networking problems, these guys do quick and efficient work! Great job!

-Christina C, CEO DesignPlayhouse

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