Cable Infrastructure

Choose us for your Infrastructure, and we'll help you do it right.

We at NST, use the industries standards for cabling and managing your infrastructure. If you need a quote call us at 347-688-6781, no job too small or too big we also have insurance for buildings. Don't be intimidated to call us for even a tiny job. We can run a cable to extend your network or even come by to make sure a line for you is ready instead of having verizon or time warner do it at a more expensive rate.

What We Offer:

  • Cabling CAT5 and CAT6
  • Coaxial RG59 and RG6 Cabling
  • Tracing Cables and Network Identification
  • Network Diagrams
  • Expanding Networks
  • Restructuring and Organizing Cables
  • Coax Cable Tracing and Identification
  • Cable Testing, Signal Strength and Attenuity


I've been using NST services for 8 months now. Great service, great support, great price! No unsolvable problems. What else do we need?

-Janice Jones, Senior Editor at FrogFlicks

We've been with NST since the begining, and from the first moment, we knew we liked them. The support works great, their knowledge is amazing (great speed as well). NST are a caring company and we will continue our relationship with them for a long time. 100% recommended.

-Alexander K, CEO

Business Partners

Dell Registered Partner
Lenovo Business Partner

Recent Comments

Don't struggle with your computer and networking problems, these guys do quick and efficient work! Great job!

-Christina C, CEO DesignPlayhouse

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Telephone: 347-688-6781
Email: info[at]
Address: 316 E 70th ST #2,
New York, NY 10021